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We specialise in Serviced Accommodation for Buy to Lets. So you can get great returns from commuting towns to London.

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*10% is not guaranteed for all clients but is being achieved by many of the investors we work with

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How it Works

(How do we make such great returns)


We use 20 years of knowledge to find the perfect property. We consider the audience, location, parking, lease and much more to find you the perfect place.


Our Group specialises in "Serviced Accommodation". Offering ready to move in, great quality, properties on flexible terms means we increase the income by 50-100%.


We understand that you want to minimise your risk. So we created "Rent Guarantee". Get a fixed amount for 3 years & let us handle everything.

Our philosophy is

Simple & Honest.

We simply love what we do and do it with passion, but we also have a great work life balance.

You'll find no jargon here. No Egos. No high-pressure sales tactics. Just simple & honest advice.

We work with

People just like you.

Our clients aren't professional investors or property tycoons. Many are realising that because the traditional methods are not returning on their savings, their investments need to be diversified. They need something straightforward and just a little bit safe and so may be considering buying an investment property for the first time. Our clients are hard-working entrepreneurs, parents concerned for their kids’ futures or starting to think about a retirement strategy. Some clients have recently inherited and want to do something safe with their newly acquired money.


No Jargon. Just plain speaking, simple advice to guide you through everything


We are on your side. So no high pressure sales tactics. Just what's best for you

Long Term

You'll find no get rich quick schemes. No "50% under value". Just a smart way to make good returns long term

Hassle Free

Our job is to make your life awesome. So kick back & let us do all the hard work!

Our talented team

Lots of experience. No ego.

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Back To What Matters

It sounds easy but many companies today don't focus on good ol’ principles. We own our company outright. We have no debt. We focus on having a happy team, clients & guests and we ensure everyone feels valued and has a great work/life balance. It's good to have fun!

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Happy Customers

I wanted a larger exposure to the property market in addition to my own home and BTLH has been excellent in finding and managing my properties. I run a tech company and wanted a safe long-term investment. Check out Raffi's story here.

Raffi Schrier | Managing Director Bantam International

Adrian initially found and managed tenants for our family house in Richmond as we moved back to New Zealand. Within interest rates where they are it is a no-brainer to extend our mortgage at 2% interest and receive 8% from other properties.

Richard Dellabarca | Non Exec

We wanted to invest in property but didn't know where to start and the idea of a typical estate agent guiding us did not inspire us with confidence.  Adrian is hugely insightful and informative, there's no pushy sales agenda with him - just a genuine desire to find good long term investments. The standard of service his team delivers, managing and letting, is impressive  - you know you are in a trustworthy pair of hands, highly recommended

Anne T| Managing Director

Lucy interviews a client making the most of Staycation


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit my properties?

Of course – but only if you want to! It’s entirely up to you whether you want to come out and choose the property/properties or if you would like us to do this entirely on your behalf. Once the property has been purchased and tenants have moved in, we conduct regular inspections, ensuring your property is well maintained.

Why should I use your service?

Ultimately we take the grunt work and hassle out of investing in property. Most people who would like to invest in property don’t know where to start – where to buy, what a good investment looks like, whether to buy new build or pre-occupied etc. – or if they do, quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and conflicting opinions about it all…resulting in diminished confidence that they’re making the best decision possible, often opting to do nothing ‘for the time being’….a cycle which can go on for years, ultimately taking you further away from your future financial goals. Unlike real estate agents who represent sellers, we work to source the best properties in the best areas to negotiate the best deal for investors like you. We research rental yields and growth potential – and once you have purchased the property we manage the rental aspect of it, covering void periods and the cost of maintenance so you don’t have to!

How safe is my money?

When you purchase the property it is done so under your name (or your company name) and the funds needed to purchase the property are sent to your solicitor; if you decide to sell at a later date the proceeds are again paid to you via your solicitor. The funds for purchase or sale do not pass through our bank accounts. You pay to us the sourcing fee of £2,500 to find the property/properties and we collect the rental income from tenants and make monthly payments to you for both your mortgage repayments and your return.

Do you charge a fee for your service?

Yes, we charge a flat one-off fee of £2,500 (+VAT) per property you purchase. 50% is payable when we agree to work together and start the property search with the balance payable on completion. It is important that you talk to a mortgage broker in advance and qualify your ability to raise a 75% Buy To Let mortgage. We would suggest that this is done before the property search begins so that we are confident in knowing the finances will be secured at the time an offer is made. Equally, we suggest that advice is taken from an accountant on the best way to structure the purchase, many clients will look to purchase under a company name which has tax advantages. We work closely with mortgage brokers and tax specialists that can offer independent advice.

Will I get a mortgage?

Yes, you and the property you intend to purchase must qualify for a 75% Buy-to-Let mortgage. The leveraging effect of buying a property with a mortgage means you make a greater rental and capital growth return. We look for properties that offer high yields so that the rental income is significantly higher than the mortgage repayments – allowing you to make money off the borrowed money as well as the money you’ve invested. The interest rates vary depending on the product you pick. Many of our clients are buying under Limited Company names which are often more expensive but may allow you tax benefits on the income. It’s important to talk to an independent tax specialist – though we are happy to arrange an introduction for you too.  We work with specialist mortgage brokers, tax specialists and solicitors that help set up the purchase in the best structure for you.

What are the regulatory requirements?

We work closely with mortgage brokers and tax specialists that specialise in property investment who can help you structure the purchase in the most efficient way. We are a member of the National Landlords Association and follow all the regulatory requirements. We ensure that:
– Tenants deposits are registered with a government backed tenancy deposit scheme
– Tenants are provided with Gas Safety Certificates
– Rents are received into segregated client accounts
– EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates
– Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms
– Tenants have the right to reside in UK