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Our mission is to help our team, clients & guests live life fully. When everyone lives a life of purpose the world is a better place.

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We Started Our Company With A Simple Mission. Live Life Fully.

But most companies don't focus on it

We love working together and have a lot of fun - our team & clients would agree. To be in the business of great returns, we are in the business of creating fabulous places to stay for guests who appreciate the effort we make. If you are looking for a place to stay whilst working for a week in an unfamiliar area, holing up in a clean space with your kids waiting for your endless building renovations to be completed, or having a family holiday – imagine how grateful you would be to drop your suitcase down in your home from home where everything has already been set up for you. We get gigantic satisfaction out of these interactions with our guests and when our investors are happy too, we know we have done our job well.

Our Business Is Simple.
But Smart.

Even if we say so ourselves!

Two things are happening right now (well ok more than two but let's focus on these two). People are moving out of cities. And returns from your savings account at the bank are rubbish. With a small down payment and a carefully sourced mortgage, you can invest in bricks and mortar at a fraction of the previous outlay and enjoy the returns of a rent guarantee – we will take the responsibility of the property from you, set it up as a serviced apartment and list it across multiple platforms perfect for the flexible renter. moving out of the big smoke. The guests are happy, you are happy and we are doing a job we love.

Great Returns Start With Great Guest Experience

Happy Guests. Happy Investors.

Our magic is finding clients the perfect property for "Flexible Rent". This offers guests properties that are ready to move in to with a flexible time period. Guests typically stay in properties for a month and pay about 50-100% more but can stay a few nights or many months. Using a rather clever listing technology across several of the major platforms, we are able to ensure properties have guests most days at a higher rent than is typical. A combination of a great team, powered by great technology, ensures guests have a great experience (organising everything from housekeepers to gardeners & DIY). So happy Guests. Happy Investors. 

Our talented team

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