Case Study Michelle

Case Study Michelle

BTLH is a niche company offering investors a chance to purchase perfect small properties to rent on a short term serviced basis in the dormitory suburbs. But who, I hear you ask, chooses to stay in a tiny property in Finchampstead? One of our guests, Michelle Teixeira, recently had a chat with us about her experience with Buy To Let Hunter.

How did you come to be staying in one of our properties?

We moved to the UK on a company transfer for work. Selling up everything in South Africa to start our new life journey we needed somewhere to use as a base from where we could begin settling in to a new country and begin looking for our long-term home. We came to the UK with just a few suitcases of clothes and our doggies, and hopes for our new life. But we had no furniture or anything else which was why a managed short-term rental was perfect. It gave us the breathing space to arrange everything we needed without feeling pressurised to have everything in order from the moment we arrived in the UK.

How has the experience with the BTLH team been?

It has been amazing. Alex was extremely understanding of the logistics due to our relocating to the UK from South Africa. We were in constant communication and he updated me on the current BTLH listings and which areas were best suited to our needs. I was doing all of this blind, from thousands of miles away and with little to no idea on how or where to rent. BTLH become my trusted advisor and guided me through the whole process.

What has it been like staying in our property?

The property was exactly as it was described to us. It was in perfect condition when we arrived with all the services offered and all working from the moment we walked through the door. Everything we could think of was waiting for us from spoons to towels. It has been an extremely comfortable stay in your property, we felt at home and perfectly comfortable from the moment we arrived.

Any highs or lows you would like to tell us about?

There were no lows at all, but there were numerous highs. Being able to walk into a rental home and have everything working instantly from the internet to the TV is a great experience. Another huge high was how pet friendly BTLH were in welcoming our dogs. We still miss staying in the rental as it became our little home after our 3 months stay.

What would you say to other people in your position?

If this is being read by anyone emigrating to the UK I would advise them to contact BTLH immediately! I have already referred BTLH to a few friends in the same predicament. The UK rental market is extremely tough to navigate on a good day, but even more so if you add in the extra requirement of a pet friendly home. Renting through BTLH bought us the time and peace of mind to properly navigate the UK rental market for our ideal long-term rental whilst living in a secure and fully furnished home with all the amenities allows.  

Anything else you would like to add?

I would personally recommend BTLH to anyone looking for a short-term rental. The team has been absolutely amazing from assisting to find the perfect rental to filling any requirement we had while residing in our rental home. We felt safe and supported throughout our stay - as did our doggies!

We have been so pleased to be part of welcoming Michelle and her family to England and wish them the very best as they settle in to their new lives. The owner of Michelle’s serviced and furnished home for the past three months has been earning twice as much in rental than for a long term agreement, has the warm fuzzy feeling of providing a much needed home and has a hassle free and flexible investment.

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