Case Study Raffi

Case Study Raffi

Raffi is a local business owner doing a great thing for the world – he arrived in Richmond with enough money for just 8 months knowing he had to be successful or admit defeat and return home. He did his research and followed a hunch and set up Bantam Materials - providing Prevented Ocean Plastic, recycling and collecting from at-risk coastal communities even before David Attenborough suggested it was cool. Raffi has also created a research centre on the Richmond Green whilst he was at it – and now Prevented Ocean Plastic is the largest ocean bound supply program by a factor of 10! Dolphins, whales and assorted sea-life think he is marvellous; we, at Buy To Let Hunter think he’s pretty fabulous and we are not the only ones: He just won the Retail Industry Awards “Sustainable Initiative of The Year”. Whoop! 


Once the dust had settled a little, and he realised his business was generating wealth, Raffi realised that he wanted to invest some of his profits in property to safeguard it for his and his children’s futures. He also knew that he preferred a professionally managed structure run by trustworthy people to allow him the freedom to focus on the craziness in his own world. Raffi approached Buy To Let Hunter and asked us to help. Through us, Raffi has purchased a pure investment property and a gorgeous, well placed holiday home which his family uses in conjunction with renting it out to paying-guests. 


Raffi says: “For me there wasn’t a second choice when I met the Buy To Let Hunter team. I knew it was about working with someone trustworthy and when speaking to one of the directors, a local guy, it was clear he was someone I could trust. I didn’t need to look any further. And my expectation has been more than met.”


Obviously investing in anything is risky, but understanding that, Raffi feels he has enhanced his lifestyle greatly. He has invested his money in bricks and mortar and more than that he has a fabulous holiday home that pays for itself; in fact, it pays Raffi just to own it!! 


Raffi says: “My kids now have a pool, access to nature, a country cottage overlooking a lake….. And we can reach our own private idyll whenever we want, we block out the dates in advance and then it’s just an hour and a half drive from London for all the rest and relaxation we need.” 


“It’s absolutely no hassle…. The team at BTLH do everything, checking in guests, housekeeping, making sure everything is perfect for my family and visitors. I just turn up. Oh, and cash the cheques!”


“And I had no doubt I could trust Adrian after I met him. The single biggest thing for me is that my interests were ahead of our co-profit. So, I feel I can really trust any advice. Adrian went above & beyond; he got on flights to Dublin to find me a perfect investment property. And when I suggested a second home for family holidays, he went through 20 properties in the Cotswolds until he found the perfect place for me and my kids that would make me money and really be enjoyed.”


For the team at Buy To Let Hunter, we are equally as thrilled with our partnership – Raffi is a local guy, self-made, with a brilliant business and we love that we can assist him as he makes the world better whilst we make his family’s life a little bit easier, his holidays more fun and assure them of a secure future. 

We do love a happy punter! If you think we might be able to enhance your life in the way we have for Raffi, please give us a call or visit our website to find out more about us. 

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