Case Study Guy and Kate

Case Study Guy and Kate

Standing in the open plan living dining room of their newly finished rental, we chat with Guy and Kate about their BTLH experience. 

Buy to Let Hunter has helped many people navigate the market  to purchase a property as an investment – some go on to rent them out as serviced accommodation  through our sister company, Smarter Rent. This is not Guy and Kate’s first rodeo, in  fact they are well versed in the advantages  and pitfalls of investment property as they  already own others – and perhaps it is this which attracted them  to use BTLH. 

We asked them what had led them  to this point: 

“We were interested in adding a few  more properties to our portfolio, but are  well aware of the hassle and so wanted  to use BTLH to try to avoid the headaches  we know are inevitable.” 

How did they find out about BTLH? “We heard about BTLH through a local  magazine. Knowing as much as we do  about the whole process, it sounded like  a good option. We had been considering  buying another property outside of London  (we find the property there is generally  overpriced and frankly too expensive now)  but we just didn’t know where to start.” 

Both Guy and Kate are youthful yet  retired - never driven by their jobs or  defined by them, they both believed  that work was a means to an end. Their  intention was to leave the rat race before  they turned fifty and whilst they still  had the energy to pursue their interests.  

Having achieved that, they now spend  their days pleasing themselves and when  we caught up with them, they had just  returned from a few days biking in the  New Forest.  

When asked why BTLH and why now,  Guy explained: 

“In the past, I have tended to go for  longer assured shorthold tenancy (AST)  with my investment properties. While  I could see the attraction of a short/ medium term serviced let, it had never  been feasible for me as I just don’t have  the time to dedicate to managing the  property.” 

“The whole BTLH experience has been  very good. We had an initial meeting  with Alex on the phone and then met  with Adrian at The Lensbury where we  chatted through our options. That was  just three months ago, and we are now  standing in our new property, ready for  our first guests!” 

Ever the pragmatist, Guy continued:  “The long-term plan is to hang on to  the house for ten years, but we have  the flexibility to sell it before then if our  ideas change. We will see how the maths  looks in six months to a year and if it is  all as positive as it seems, we may go for  another one.” 

Asked if he had any advice for other  potential property moguls looking to  snaffle up a good deal in the excitable  market of today, Guy said: “Property has always been my best investment – better than stocks  or corporate bonds. With my other  properties I have always had an  emotional connection as they are closer  to my home and I manage them myself.  It seemed the perfect time to try to be  totally detached - to treat an investment  property with no emotion and 

BTLH helped Guy and Kate find and  purchase their property and then to  decorate, furnish and prepare it for the  market, taking care of all the annoying  niggly bits. The property has been styled and professional photos taken, utilities set up and then marketed on a number  of platforms for maximum visibility, all  in super-quick time. 

Guy added: “I know that I am not locked  in to my decision here which makes me  very comfortable with the whole set up.  It was a quick turnaround given we only  completed the purchase two weeks ago,  and now we are ready for our first tenants.  My prerequisite was that the whole  experience be hassle free and I am pleased  to report that it has been - I have had to do  very little – just perfect.” 

Music to our ears! 

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