Case Study Blair

Case Study Blair

BTLH is a niche company offering investors a chance to purchase perfect small properties to rent on a short-term, serviced basis in the dormitory suburbs. But who, I hear you ask, chooses to stay in a tiny house in Binfield? One of our guests, Blair Baker, recently had a chat with us about her experience as a guest with Buy To Let Hunter.

How did you come to be staying in one of our properties?

“We sold our house in June, on the very day we put it up for market! Honestly, we weren’t expecting that at all – we had allowed three months or more for the sale of the property. We were selling due to a family relocation to the States and for that to happen, my husband needed a visa. Due to Covid, his application was delayed. We found ourselves in a total pickle – on the one hand everything happened so much faster than we imagined and on the other hand it was slower than anticipated. We were advised to stay in an Airbnb and wait. We had no idea it would be for six months!”

How was the experience of staying in an Airbnb?

“This past summer, it was very difficult to find somewhere for us to stay. With the pandemic in full swing, England was staycation central, all accommodations were full. We finally found what we thought was a good compromise in Newbury for 6 weeks in a location which turned out to be terribly noisy – between the police sirens and the pub next door and neighbours partying upstairs until 4am we realised this was just not sustainable for a family. And we had no way of knowing how much longer we would be stuck there.”

How has the experience with BTLH been in comparison?

“When we found your house in Binfield, we felt so grateful and blessed that it was available after that we were actually blown away: it was a proper home for us – with a garden for Shadow and a locked shed for us to use for storage. We suggested to BTLH that we might use a lawnmower and a garden table and chairs and BTLH purchased them for us. It was just so wonderful to find somewhere we were able to live with the dog and feel like part of the neighbourhood and to be looked after.”

What would you say to other people in your position?

“BTLH provided us with a proper home – you have been so flexible, holding the property as we lurched from month to month waiting for the visa application to be approved and allowing us to extend our stay as we needed. We have felt as though you have genuinely cared about our situation and have gone out of your way to make us feel welcome and cared for.

“The house itself is great – the neighbourhood is terrific, everything within walking distance and the property has everything you could need. In fact, anything we have purchased for use here, we are happy to leave for the next guest, such is our feeling of gratitude for all the genuine kindness shown to us.

“This has been a major life transition for us and being able to feel at home, welcomed by the neighbours and supported by the BTLH team has made this so much easier than staying in a hotel or at the other property we found. You have given us the opportunity to have a home; showing us flexibility and genuine care, giving so much more than a roof over our heads. Honestly, it has made all the difference! In all, this has been a great set up. It provides the perfect stop gap for those who are stuck in a life transition, a true safe place for us to be in the midst of stress and turmoil.”

Blair and her family are packing and hopeful to finally make the next step towards a new life together in Massachusetts with flights scheduled and a shiny new visa in hand.

“As difficult as it has been there are a few tender memories: the genuine friendships with our neighbours, your staff have been super great I believe they genuinely care and this isn’t just a business for them. We think we will leave next week – but now we have to take Covid tests, so everything is still somewhat up in the air… it’s like the most suspenseful storyline narrative ever, isn’t it! “Will they stay or will they go?””

In the nicest possible way, we hope Blair, Shadow and her family leave for good!

The owner of Blair’s serviced and furnished home for the past six months has been earning twice as much in rental, has the warm fuzzy feeling of providing a much-needed home for Shadow and his family and has a hassle free and flexible investment.

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